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Paramedic Salary

Thinking about becoming a paramedic, but interested in what it pays before you decide? You will find this article useful when it comes to paramedic salary information.

The level of paramedic salary really varies based on the city and state that you will work in. It also depends if you work in the government or private institutions. Just like other jobs, Paramedics and EMTs get paid for their hourly work. They should have an average of 40 or more hours a week. In general, they make between $12 and $20 an hour.

Paramedic Salary Statistics

In the United States the median salary is $16.01 per hour. This would imply that 50% of paramedics are paid much higher than $16.01 per hour while the other 50% gets less than that. Again, this depends on where you work, education and training levels, and experience. The paramedic salary in local government jobs averages $17.77 an hour; hospitals $16.24 an hour and medical offices $16 an hour.

Top Paying Industries

If you want to be paid a high income you should get employed in the Amusement and Recreation Industries as paramedics or emergency medical technicians. The average income for a paramedic working in their group of companies is around $20 per hour. However, the amusement and recreation industries only make up about 7% of the Paramedic/EMT industry. This means that it is tough to get into their companies because they require extensive work experience.

The competition is tough as there are so many paramedics and EMTs vying for just one position. Sometimes aside from your qualifications it is best if you know somebody from the company to vouch for you.

Colleges, universities and home health care are some of the other top paying industries as well. But then again, these industries are few and can only accommodate a small number of Paramedic/EMT personnel.

Highest Paying States & Highest Employment Levels

Washington, D.C. is the state that pays the highest salary for paramedics with a range of around $20 per hour. Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington are some of the other states that rank high in the salary scale for paramedics.

The top 5 states when it comes to the number of paramedics employed are Texas, New York, California, Illinois and Pennsylvania. There is a high probability that you would get work if you live in one of these above mentioned states.

Paramedic Salary Levels